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RSTP 250

* Technical Details

Title Description
Hole Diameter in DTH drill diameter will upto 4" to 12" inches
DTH Drilling Depth In DTH drilling 200 meter
DTH Drilling Pilling In DTH drill pilling will upto 1200mm Pia 50meter
Tractor Preet Company 75HP(4WD)
Work Method DTH Cum Rotary and Pilling Work

Product Details

The RS DRILL tractor-mounted rig is specifically designed for construction piling applications allowing for hole diameters of up to 1200 mm and depths of up to 40 meters. It can perform DTH drilling with a diameter of 6.5 inches, reaching depths of up to 200 meters while delivering high torque. The rig is commonly used for domestic water wells, piling exploration, and solar projects. It is powered by a tractor engine with a PTO option and features a sturdy twin tubular box type mast assembly, operated by a single hydraulic cylinder. The rig's hydraulic system includes a 450-liter tank and displacement pumps for various operations such as feed rotation, mud pump, auxiliary functions, and micro feed. It comes equipped with convenient features like a centralized control panel, hydraulic leveling jacks, breakout wrench, and offers optional attachments including night lights, a toolbox, welding machine, auxiliary winch , and single rod changer. Any Company tractors for this rig with 75 HP or 90 HP engines. The rig can be customize as per customer requirement