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* Technical Details

Title Description
Hole Diameter In DTH drilling 4" to 12" (101 mm to 254 mm)
DTH Drilling Depth In DTH drilling 700 meter
Deck Engine 218 HP Ashok Leyland
Truck Ashok Leyland or as per customer requirement
Hyd, System Pressure Maximum Working Pressure 4150 Psi
Rod Lifter Updated Technology Hydraulic Rod Lifter
Work Method Water well Drilling Rig

Product Details

RSD AUTO is very popular in water well sector drilling industries, especially in African countries. Most African countries have water levels near around 500mtr. For this, it requires a 15 feet (3 mtr) drill pipe or a 20 feet (6 mtr) drill pipe. This product model has two available options: one is a single truck mounted with truck engine driving hydraulic operation, and the second is two truck mounted with deck engine driving hydraulic operation. With RSD AUTO, you can drill up to a maximum depth of 1400 feet (450mtr) with drilling diameters ranging from 4 inches (100mm) to 10 inches (250mm). It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and requires low maintenance.