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RSD 200

* Technical Details

Title Description
Hole Diameter in between 4.5 inches to 12 inches
DTH Drilling Depth 4.5" dia, 200m (600ft) with 3" drill rod 6.5"/8" dia, 150m (500ft) with 3" drill rod 10 and 12" dia, 50m (150ft) with 4.5" drill rod.
Deck Engine Through PTO drive from truck engine or seprate deck engine
Truck As per customer requirement
Hyd, System Pressure 175 kg/cm2 (2500 psi). Pull up speed: 6.9 m/min (23 ft/min), Pull up force: 3000 kg (6600 lbs), Pull down force: 2000 kg (4400 lbs), Pull down speed: 10.5 m/min (34 ft/min).
Rod Lifter Manual
Work Method Water well Drilling Rig, DTH Cum Roatry

Product Details

RSD 200 Mini is design after market survey from our clients. For this it required only 10 feet (3mtr) drill pipe. By using RSD 200 you can drill up to max. 1000 feet (300mtr) in 4" (100mm) to 8" (200mm) drilling diameter. This product is driven by separat