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RSD Heavy duty

* Technical Details

Title Description
Hole Diameter 4 inches to 10 inches or 12 inches, depending on the drilling method being used and In mud drilling 6" to 508" (152 mm to 508 mm).
DTH Drilling Depth maximum of 2500 feet (750 meters)
Deck Engine 188 HP Ashok Leyland
Truck Ashok Leyland 2820 or as per customer requirements
Hyd, System Pressure Maximum Working Pressure 2000 - 4000 Psi
Rod Lifter Manual
Work Method Water well Drilling Rig, DTH Cum Roatry

Product Details

RSD HEAVY DUTY is specially required in areas where the water level is very down, meaning more than 600 mtr. Sometimes, we receive requirements for drilling depths of up to 700mtr, and to meet those demands, we have designed this model. For this, it requires a 15 feet (3 mtr) drill pipe or a 20 feet (6 mtr) drill pipe. This product model has only one option, and that is two trucks mounted drilling rig. One truck is dedicated to the drilling rig unit, which drives hydraulic operation, and the second truck is solely for the high air compressor with a diesel tank. By using RSD HEAVY DUTY, you can drill up to a maximum depth of 2500 feet (750mtr) with drilling diameters ranging from 4 inches (100mm) to 10 inches (250mm). In mud drilling, by using a mud pump, you can drill up to a maximum depth of 1000 feet (300 mtr) with a drilling diameter of 22 inches (550mm). It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and requires low maintenance